The Marco Players


The Marco Players


Stepping Stones
Stepping Stones, Chorley Old Road, Bolton. ​BL1 6AH


23 Feb 2022


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Taking Steps

Set in a large dilapidated Victorian house with three floors Taking Steps (arguably Ayckbourn’s funniest play) charts the misfortunes of its inhabitants with perfect comedic timing. Roland, a successful businessman, wants to buy the house to please his wife Elizabeth, a reluctantly retired dancer. Leslie, a distinctly suspect builder and the house’s owner, is desperate to sell it. Tristram the junior solicitor, somewhat thrust into the limelight by the untimely illness of his boss, just has to keep everyone happy until the deal is done. Mark, Elizabeth’s brother, doesn’t care who buys the house just as long as Kitty, his equally reluctant girlfriend, can stay awake long enough to listen to his plans of opening up a fishing tackle shop. What could possibly go wrong? …and who is the mysterious ‘Red Lady’ that they keep seeing and hearing…?!&ct=image%2Fjpeg&token=YpzDJWOUU%2BKVqYQfP3XIa4tkNeHFK8RU3gIoOA3t6O3b5pqgLyOug83%2By4OPmbstIzM%2FiFSpI2EiRxBe6mIoqXT7OX6YUDGiEG7jED%2BG5aJbTPcKl8xWg0aToA2v4jgDDVm1yQ%3D%3D&at=0