Peace Community Theatre
239 Rishton Lane, Bolton


23 Feb 2024


7:15 pm - 9:30 pm

Rapunzel The Pantomime

Rapunzel is a new pantomime written by Amanda Craib. Dame Dolly’s daughter, Rapunzel, was taken from her when she was a baby and for eighteen years she has been looking for her. We join the story just before Rapunzel’s eighteenth birthday when Dame Dolly, Aiden and the fairies Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter are preparing for the Festival of Light which they hold to help light Rapunzel’s way home. However, the evil Gothel has Rapunzel hidden in the forest where no one can find her, that is until Prince Michael accidently finds the tower in which she is held. He promises to help free Rapunzel but Gothel takes his sight and he must find his way home. Can Prince Michael find his way home to tell Dolly and the fairies where Rapunzel is, can they help him restore his sight?